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 NATIONWIDE SCREENING SERVICES (Employee Screening) - NSS ensure employers are working with someone they know. Nationwide's team of professional researchers and investigators are backed by the latest technology – including the industry’s most powerful database and research tools. With services from NSS, you can automate (and accelerate) your vetting process. All you need is an Internet connection to open an account and submit your applicant’s information.

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NATIONAL MORTGAGE PROFESSIONAL & MORTGAGE NEWS NETWORK (Industry Marketing and Promotion) - The Mortgage Industry's most widely read publication and internet television program with news and information you need in a fast-changing marketplace.

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GRACECHURCH INTERMEDIARIES LLC (Lloyd's Managing General Agent) - Manages and administrates the Mortgage Settlement Insurance Program, offering transaction-based insurance coverage for losses incurred by lenders utilizing a Secure Insight Low Risk Agent.

For further information please see: Secure Insight Press Release