Our Services


CLOSINGGUARDTM is a lender subscription program that features our “Deep Dive” Closing Agent Risk Management Solution that provides unlimited vetting, risk reporting and 24/7 access to our Watch List and shared Closing Agent Database.


QUICKCHECKTM is a scaled down Closing Agent Risk Management tool designed for wholesale lenders and warehouse banks and can also be utilized as a Quality Control Tool to complement any lenders existent process. Comprehensive, easy to read reports generated in one business day or less.


 VENDORCHECKTM is a quick, yet comprehensive Risk Management Report of any third party service provider. (Appraisers, Credit Repair Companies, AMCs, 203k Consultants and Contractors, REO/FC Property Managers, IT Consultants/Specialists, Accountants/Attorneys, Document Preparation Firms, Pre & Post Closing Loan QC Vendors, Outsourcing Services - (Processing & Underwriting), Real Estate Agents, etc.) Data is verified, evaluated and reported in an easy to read one-page format.


 CASETM is our Closing Agent Database, a nationwide monitored resource providing detailed risk data on settlement agents throughout the Country.


 SAFE-CLOSETM is a mobile application that captures real-time data, verifies best practices and certain quality control check-points right at the mortgage closing table. It is an enhancement to Secure Insight’s overall risk management solutions.


 COMING SOON:  BROKERGUARDTM The first TPO screening, real-time monitoring, document storage and live risk rating database for brokers  in the mortgage industry, with customizable exportable reports.


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