Our Values & Our Pledge to be Fair and Ethical

Organizational Direction (Mission, Vision, Values):
As an independent evaluation and risk management firm, Secure Insight's Mission is to become the leading provider of vetting, monitoring and nationwide reporting of closing professional identity, background and credentials to the mortgage banking industry. 
The company communicates this Mission, along with its Vision and Values, to its employees, clients, shareholders and other stakeholders through the Company Philosophy & Core Values statement which can be found displayed throughout Secure Insight's home office and on its website.  
Company Philosophy and Core Values:
1. Honesty, integrity and ethics matter more than any sale.
2. Our clients are people like you who deserve to be treated with respect.
3. Data privacy and security is the utmost concern of all of us, so take care with the information
     you receive.
4. Transparency and accountability are good for all consumers but may create fear in those whom we
     evaluate for risk, and therefore we must always act in good faith and with fairness.
5. We do not judge any person's character we only rate them for risk of financial harm to banks and
     consumers based on factual data.
6. Never trust public data 100%; always verify your sources and always convey derogatory information with
     those who are being evaluated so they have an opportunity to appeal and explain, if possible.
7. Never argue with anyone, ever.  Be polite, professional and helpful in all cases.
8. People fear change, we are bringing change.  Remember and be kind.
9. We labor for the public good, which is in many instances a thankless and difficult task.  Stay the course,
     confident in our process and the end result.
10. Be proud of what you are doing!
Commitment to Ethics, Fairness and Data Privacy:
Secure Insight understands the impact that vendor management and risk assessment can have on the lives and careers of the professionals it reviews for lender risk management compliance.  We are committed to treating everyone with dignity, respect and fairness.  This is why we never report any derogatory findings about any professional unless and until we launch an automatic appeal process giving them the opportunity to see the results, correct inaccuracies, supplement with additional information and otherwise assist us in "getting it right."  All of our staff are trained to treat people with courtesy, and agent's should know that every employee of Secure Insight has undergone the same scrutiny to become employed here as the evaluation methods used to evaluate agent risk.  We also employ strict data privacy, data protection and confidentiality policies in our business to ensure that any private information provided to us is handled in accordance with law, and as we ourselves would want such information handled if it were our information.  To verify this we have submitted to and passed independent SSAE16 certification, have opened our offices to inspection by our lender clients and passed their own vendor management evaluations, and our risk tools have been evaluated and endorsed by Lloyds of London.  We also carry appropriate insurance to stand behind our people and our products. Every day we strive to improve our process and better serve the needs and expectations of our lender clients and the professionals we evaluate,