Do You Know Who is Closing Your Mortgage Loans, Accessing Your Borrower NPPI, and Handling Your Funds? We do! We have Successfully Monitored 3,134,222 Closing Transactions To Date!

The Proof of Our Value is in Our Results

Since 2012, Secure Insight has vetted nearly 65,000 settlement agents in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  During that time period these agents closed more than 3 Million residential mortgage transactions, and yet not one of our low risk agents has ever been reported to have caused any loss to our lender clients or their customers.


Do You Really Know Who is Closing your Loans?  We Do!

How effective is our process?  Developed over 10 years with the input of risk managers at Lloyds of London, we routinely uncover license, insurance bond, trust account, litigation, criminal activity, internal control and related risk issues that raise red flag predictors of potential harmful activity.  In an industry that has historically had little transparency and no uniform oversight a small percentage of agents need to be weeded out of the large group of professional, ethical and trustworthy ones.


We Protect Personal Data and Conduct Our Business with Fairness & Ethics

Secure Insight is SSAE16 certified, complies with IApp and PCI/DSS data privacy and security standards, and carries A rated insurance coverage for our business, including cyber liability coverage.  Our highly trained staff is subjected to vetting and monitoring as well, and our secure location is governed by complex operational controls designed to protect all the clients we serve as well as the agents we evaluate.  Risk evaluations are conducted with the participation of the professionals we evaluate so we get it right, and that means not publishing any derogatory findings to our lender accessible database until an automatic appeal process is completed.


We Also Offer Tools for Managing Employee Screening and All Counterparty Risk

Need a complete solution for all counterparty risk as well as a tool to manage internal risk of employee access to consumer data?  We offer vendor management for all your partners, as well as an employee screening platform especially designed for specific mortgage industry needs and risks. 


One Demo is All You Will Need to See the Value in Our System!


Call us today at 1-877-75-TRUST (1-877-758-7878) for a free demo of our tools and systems and for a customized price quote (it's less than you think).  Let us offer you a flexible, compliant and affordable solution that will allow you to resume focusing on what you do best: selling loans!